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Book Description

“You Call This Living?” explores how religion butts heads with science and rational thinking, and how the outcome will determine the seesaw of life on Earth.

This controversial book is a running commentary on various serious and humorous topics such as the meaning of life, aliens, physics, sex, and the morass of the educational system. The role of the brain and consciousness is of particular interest in our pursuit of knowledge and a vision for the future.

The inconsistencies on our planet include a population of seven billion humans with a dwindling supply of energy and food resources. From the days of the caveman to particle physics, we are at the point where only a major overhaul of education has a slight probability of righting the ship of state and staying a course with consciousness intact. Progress in our current environment is a mixed bag of beneficial and unpleasant consequences, and as we spin and wobble through the cosmos, the evolution of mediocrity becomes apparent. Therefore mankind cannot continue on a path of business as usual in order to survive with our collective sanity intact.



“I received your book today and read it; very well done and thoughtful.”
Cynthia, Middletown, NY

“I became amazed and impressed of how your writing is so fresh and artistic. The book itself bespeaks substantial reflections with major insights of modern living.”
John, Dayton, Ohio

“Very Intelligent and well done, congratulations.”
Bill, Hawthorne, NY

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